Admissions Consultant

University Admissions Consultant Singapore: What you Need to Know

The university admissions consultant singapore is professionally subject to the requirements of the prophecy, the senior advisor and the division of the university’s requirements, the pedagogical and administrative director of the university, and the overall supervision.

Working conditions

  1. The consultant will be provided with a suitable study whose dimensions and furnishings allow work with individuals and groups.
  2. It is recommended to be a member of the management team and a partner in shaping school policy to influence the promotion of optimality and the development of a healthy lifestyle in the system.

The consultant is committed to ongoing professional development processes, subject to the policy and under the supervision of senior advisors.

university admissions consultant singapore

The way of working or the Consultant skills  

The educational consultant works through four basic skills, the integration and balance of which distinguishes his work.

  • Counseling is based on professional interpersonal relationships.
  • Consultation is based on the sharing of the process, meets, and through this session, knowledge and experience are activated from the domain of each participant (even if the level of expertise is unbalanced) to focus on finding a solution to a particular problem.
  • Coordination, the counselor operates the coordination role to coordinate between community services and identified needs among students, teachers, and parents.
  • Program-Management – The operation of developmental and preventive programs, accompanied by a control and evaluation system through the training and implementation of educational teams among students.

The Workflow  

The consultant processes are carried out using the four skills above: the individual, the group, and the system. The assistive process in assisting the system, or parts of it, includes an informed process of several stages:

  • Mapping and identifying a system in all aspects: locating needs, identifying forces, target populations (individual, groups, and design), and optimal promoter or brake situations.
  • We organize the information and present it to the school administration and academic staff to increase awareness and harness educational interventions based on the data.
  • School reality should develop programs and organizational mechanisms for proactive or reactive intervention.
  • Developing principles and ways to feedback, track, and evaluate intervention processes at the school.

Stress and Crises

  • Assistance and involvement in the assessments of the educational system for dealing with an emergency and crisis, which will include the following:
  • Training of the academic staff
  • Preparing contingency plans
  • Intervention in emergencies and crises: at the initial and secondary intervention level.
  • Systematic documentation of the handling of events to learn and produce lessons.

Specific specialties in the work of the consultant in educational frameworks   

The practice of university admissions consultant singapore in the different education system groups and education frameworks requires a specific definition of the position’s tasks and training in each of these systems. The primary job description of the educational consultant in all its components reflects the work in all educational systems. However, for accuracy in describing the university level admission, specific specialties should be listed for each of the different age frameworks.