Only hire the HDB-approved contractor

Only hire the HDB-approved contractor

Suppose your house is old and you do not like your home; deteriorated furniture or destroyed whitewashing brings you many inconveniences. In that case, you need to hire an HDB approved contractor.  If you are considering renovating your old home, you should clearly understand contractors who can do their jobs correctly, and you don’t have to care more about your home. The HDB flat needs a contractor who is HDB-licensed. If you have not hired a licensed person, you will face many problems your flat will not be renovated correctly.

Know more about HDB-approved contractor

Many companies provide only professional HBD-approved contractors; these contractors undergo strict training and will get a complete insight into renovation works in HDB flats. Imagine a situation when we have hired a lousy contractor, and they have spoiled the interior of your flat same goes for unlicensed contractors. The licensed contractors will know how you can renovate your HDB flat without bringing any damage to your flats and their other units. The companies that provide training works under the registered renovation contractors’ scheme; the scheme ensures you that contractors and builders will not bring any harm to your flat, and you will be fully assured with your flat renovation process.

HDB approved contractor

Steps of becoming an HBD-approved contractor

The contractor should complete his\her entire HBD training course, have at least three years of experience, and be actively involved in the renovation trade. They should register themselves on ACRA registered for a minimum of one year and should have ownership of the company for a minimum of one year. The company you are hiring for contactor must not have any fraud records. The steps may seem easy, but applying for an HDB license is very difficult—some steps through which contractors have to go to get their license approved.

How to select a perfect contactor?

Many unlicensed contractors will coax you into engaging them, so while hiring the contractor, you need to keep in mind many things;

  1. Always select a certified company and do a background check on it.
  2. Check the license for the contractor you are hiring, do not hire him if he is under the training period.
  3. Beware of an unlicensed contractor; they will not only destroy your flat but will cost you a lot of money, so selection should be made carefully.